Take control of demanding HR processes to ensure accuracy and meet increasingly complex compliance, regulatory, and reporting requirements.

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With an exceptional track record in delivering Dynamics NAV across Industries and geographies, Robosoft solutions present HR Payroll add-on based on standard NAV platform to plug in the HR/Payroll functionality. RoboPay will seamlessly integrate to any new or existing NAV installation across all current versions.

Time-consuming manual and non-integrated processes greatly increase the risk of redundant data entry and the margin of error. RoboPay enables your people to take control of demanding HR processes to ensure accuracy and meet increasingly complex compliance, regulatory, and reporting requirements. Through the integration of core functions, critical data is available at your employees’ fingertips—where and when they need it. Tight security features and role-tailored access help to ensure that sensitive information is delivered only to the right people.

Your business success depends on attracting the right people to do the right job. Manually tracking job applicants can slow down the interviewing process and cost your hiring managers valuable time. Streamlining the recruitment process for your HR team helps them more quickly identify top applicants and monitor hiring procedures.
Real-time access to pertinent information such as job applications and interview evaluations is essential to enabling strong hiring and employee management decisions. From applicant tracking to on-boarding and beyond, Microsoft Dynamics NAV streamlines the entire recruitment process in one place.


Running a payroll department can be incredibly demanding, complex and fraught with challenges. It’s important to look for a payroll solution that can help you meet these challenges, whether they are concerning compliance, obtaining accurate and real-time reporting, ensuring confidentiality, integration, accuracy or flexibility.
At Robosoft we know that payroll is increasingly driven by the complexity of new legislation and we recognize the need to meet these challenging changes. We have designed our payroll solutions to help our customers increase productivity, reduce administrative workloads and improve accuracy. Our solution also allows for flexible data capture which provides management with the necessary information for their reporting requirements.

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Losing skilled employees impacts your bottom line and your productivity. By maximizing the potential of your existing workforce, you can provide your organization with significant benefits—from improved employee morale to reduced turnover. Treating employees consistently and providing access to educational, training, and internal growth opportunities can help you retain a highly skilled workforce that can fuel your business success.

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One of the most critical parameters to choose a partner for any consulting services is the team strength on the chosen platform. We have been able to bind together strong, brilliant & experienced brains on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We have the biggest techno-functional team of 150+ intellectual individuals.
The greatest strength of Robosoft Solution is not only the team size but also the professionalism that these teams bring together to make any project successful and exceed customer expectations


As no ERP application takes care of END to END Business need, Robosoft Solution has developed series of 80+ Add-ons to bridge the gap to make sure all the business needs are tightly incorporated with MS NAV for seamless integration & usability. Robosoft is the only organization which has developed these many Add-on application’s, which has taken huge amount of time, effort & investment in order to create better user experience & getting more out the NAV application.
All our projects are properly planned, adequately supported and managed, and implemented by highly qualified techno-functional team with senior management support.

ERP implementation can be a difficult transition for a company. Robosoft Solution has proven records of timely delivery. We know you have tight timelines for your projects and our goal is to be the one partner you can always rely on for delivery-on time every time.
Robosoft provides complete END to END world class Dynamics NAV ERP hosting services for hassle free, secure & reliable ERP application access. Robosoft has extended hosting services to more than 130 clients with approximately 1500+ concurrent users over the last 8 years.
Robosoft Solution’s support team has resolved thousands of support queries with high success rate and customer satisfaction. Our experienced technical staff is always ready to help you in executing complex tasks and have solutions to any issues experienced, our aim is to insure you smooth and deliverable work.

70% of the large Microsoft Dynamics projects in India & UAE are being served by Robosoft solution, which gives us the unique edge in terms of expertise, sharpness and exposure to complex business scenarios. Since we being habituated to work with larger organizations who are more demanding & less compromising, we keep on enhancing our skills to satisfy the customers demands over the business application.

100+ clients have shifted to Robosoft Solutions from other partners.

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