In this race of acquiring customers and keeping them loyal, CRM has become an all essential tool to help you reach your customers and monitor them in real time. Let us explore the specific areas of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that beat other CRM software-

  1. Development and Flexibility 

One of the greatest strengths of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the use of commonly used Web languages like Java, .Net and HTML. This means that companies benefit from tailor-made modules based on their own needs, based on a specific programming language that fits their needs. And if you do not have the capacity to manage those adjustments, there are many reliable and experienced partners who can effectively implement your needs.

  1. Cost-Benefit Analysis 

No matter what the size of the organization may be, the cost is and always will be a major concern for all big and small organizations alike. And more important than cost is value. Microsoft is the only provider that provides a complete CRM package and includes all the tools that you need preinstalling for action.

  1. Getting stuck with your software 

Many other major Software providers have their own proprietary Programming Language behind their CRM solution. Thus, making it rigid and less malleable to your own needs. Your software should be such that it should be able to grow, pivot and restructure as you want it to be.

  1. Integration with Microsoft Technologies 

Since Microsoft is already so widely employed, there’s a certain level of reliability attached with the name and its tools. There’s quite a possibility that your organization already employs certain Microsoft tools like office, outlook or exchange. Having a customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM software means that your CRM will also be integrated into the software that you’re already using and vice versa.

  1. Hidden costs 

Other software providers have gained a reputation for hidden costs like

  • Add on Costs
  • High storage Costs
  • “Premium” pricing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a well-reputed brand does not resort to such methods and you can rely on the certified providers to not disappoint you in this matter.

  1. Extendibility

Microsoft Dynamics is in itself called a development platform which is the greatest of benefits an ERP solution can have. As your corporation turns into a big player Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be the software that will be customized and meet your changing needs. Something all software is not capable of doing the same. Microsoft always focusses on greater flexibility and customizability with 3rd party apps.

  1. Deployment options 

You can choose to deploy The Microsoft solution in a number of ways-

  • Private Hosting
  • Multi-tenant hosting
  • On-premise Hosting
  • Cloud platforms hosting (Azure or your own platform)

Other CRM solutions only allow you one form of hosting i.e. Multi-tenant hosting which means you would be committing to the higher cost of ownership and won’t even have total security that you would wish for.

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