Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ERP solution for both small companies and big enterprises. In Dynamics 365, finance and operations management forms an integral part of the whole dynamics 365 system. It is so essential that it is sold as a standalone package despite being a module in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance

  • Create more efficient operations, provide robust reporting and analysis, and ensure regulatory compliance in 34 countries in 60 different languages.
  • Reduce value time and facilitate faster, more reliable decisions using role-based workspaces with built-in analysis.
  • Adapting to changing business needs by designing a chart of accounts, dimensions, and rules.
  • Provide controls and balances through process automation, foreclosure, budget planning, budget control, and three-way matching.
  • Control values effectively and reduces reporting errors through automatic asset management.
  • Comply with public sector requirements for commitment and budgeting.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

  • Work smarter with related processes.
  • Get agility and efficiency in manufacturing using an integrated solution that improves production planning, project management, operations, scheduling activity and cost management.
  • Create the perfect manufacturing mix and support your manufacturing processes throughout the supply chain.
  • Improve the manufacturing principles of each product family, including inventory, order, order, configuration, and engineering.
  • Accelerate your materials and manufacture the flow of finished products with advanced warehouse management, portable support scanner, and transport management.
  • Enhanced enterprise-wide programming with a standardized resource model and engine programming
  • Improve product quality and performance by identifying and solving problems with real-time statistics.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain

  • Optimise supply and demand
  • Digitally transform your supply chain with advanced warehouse and inventory management to improve vision and compliance, product inspections, material procurement and integrated logistics.
  • Improve performance and reduce costs by synchronizing trade between locations, warehouses, and means of transport
  • Make a quicker response to customer demand through a good order for cash operations
  • Optimise purchase costs and check more by automating purchases to pay
  • Get information and control of all locations and warehouses
  • Automation of future cash activities through integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales dynamics


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Cloud Services

  • The development of powerful and flexible ERP tools
  • Get real-time information on virtually any device with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Simplify and accelerate changes in business processes, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, simplify global compliance, and widely gummy.
  • Get flexible deployment options in the cloud and in installations that comply with industry regulations and use data center investments
  • Enable fast business transformation
  • Cost-effective support for IT needs
  • Grow at your own pace

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