When Oil and Gas companies use the expression Best ERP Software for oil and gas industry/ Petroleum industry, many flavors and functionalities ring a bell. In actuality, with so much seclusion basic in the business today, and with such a variety of augmentations, diverse ERP’s frequently do altogether different things.

Let’s take a look at some of the “must-haves” in an ERP software for oil and gas industry:

  1. The ERP must be sufficiently adaptable to deal with process changes; the chain of command in modern companies needs to be flexible. The ERP software for oil and gas industry / Petroleum industry must be sufficiently adaptable to adjust to the business forms being used by the organization, not the other way around. Also, for it to be easily usable by the employees of your company is mandatory.
  2. Nothing is the neighborhood in value creation any longer. Everybody is competing on the world stage in each regard. The best ERP software for oil and gas industry must have the capacity to deal with money-related procedures in whatever monetary forms and currencies that may happen, also having the capacity to deal with the mind-boggling charge frameworks the organization may be liable to. Furthermore, the ERP must have the capacity to deal with the fast fire cost and supply unpredictability that is endemic in the present worldwide market.
  3. It’s implied that the best ERP software for oil and gas industry must have the capacity to flawlessly integrate with whatever other solutions the organization utilizes. Hence, an ERP with a wide assortment of integrated add-ons (for instance, Asset Management, Mobility Solutions) is basic. Have a look at a few add-ons.
  4. The first idea driving the best ERP software for oil and gas industry was to take out “data storehouses,” or frameworks that put away unique sorts of data (e.g., HR and Payroll) in databases that were out of reach to each other. Other than gumming up between departmental procedures, these storehouses made precise, continuous detailing incomprehensible. The ERP changes that, and great reporting capabilities are an essential part of any ERP.

Robosoft Solutions DMCC have a one-stop solution to all your problems – ROBO-ENERGY powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Fully integrated ERP software for Oil and Gas Industry which is the best erp software for oil and gas industry/ petroleum industry—

  • Profit Center-wise P&L (Bunkering, Terminal, Lube, Fuel Oils, etc.)
  • Back to Back order (B2B and Instock)
  • Central Credit Control Module
  • Parent – Child Relationship of Customer Accounts.
  • Weighbridge Integration
  • Auto PCM (Profit Center Movement) – In case Lube stock is sold by Bunkering Trader, stock is moved from Lube to Bunkering to arrive at the profit center-wise P&L.
  • Logistics – Own Logistics Management, Hired Logistics Management, Insurance Management, Maintenance Management, Check-in, Check-out, and Logistics Released Bookings.
  • Quality Management – Item Specification, Quality Results, and Quality Approval.
  • Insurance Management – Insurance Quote, Insurance Order, Insurance Invoice/Payment/Claim, and Approval.
  • Indent Management – Purchase Indent, Approval, Link to Purchase order.
  • Terminal Management
  1. Processing – Storage Availability, Storage Quote, Storage Lease Agreement, and     Storage.
  2. Execution – Terminal Receipt, Terminal Shipment, Blending, and Inventory Handling.

Trade Finance – Features include Letter of Credit, Trust Receipt, Bank Guarantee, Bill Discount, Post Dated Cheque, and CMA.

  1. Multi-Currency
  2. Multiple Purchase order with one LC
  3. Price Tolerance functionality in LC
  4. TR Settlement
  5. LC Settlement
  6. Roll Over of Limits
  7. PDC – Customers and Vendors
  8. Collateral Management

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